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Welcome to the Animism Tarot - Sad Box Edition, which is now on sale! Currently, printing of the Animism Tarot is on hold for the next several weeks. These are the last couple of tarot decks that I have on hand, and are now on clearance because of some slightly sad, slightly roughed up boxes. 

This particular tarot deck includes the Animism Tarot booklets! The tarot cards and booklets are in perfect condition. The box has one little corner slightly dented, and a creased fold running along one side of the box. I've tried to make it as clear as possible in the photos! 

Have any questions? Please contact me at / I can also be reached through @rainbowofcrazy on Facebook and Instagram.

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Blending both tarot symbolism and animal symbolism with every card, The Animism Tarot represents the beautiful merging of both worlds, bringing a fresh yet familiar take on tarot reading.

Each card showcases a unique animal, combining its own individual strengths with each tarot card meaning to create a deck that's vibrant, charming, and above all, easy to connect with and easy to read. This deck was designed so that it can be read using traditional Rider Waite meanings while also offering familiar symbolism with each image to inspire more intuitive readings, offering something for both beginners and seasoned readers alike.

The Animism Tarot is a collection of 79 fully illustrated tarot cards. These cards were originally designed as a series of paintings, created with acrylic paint on beautiful watercolour paper, giving each image a unique feel and texture. The Animism Tarot includes the traditional 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana, and also includes the infamous Happy Squirrel tarot card for a bonus dose of Happy.

** The mini booklets have been adapted from the original free PDFs available with the stand-alone deck. The tarot booklets are saddle-stitched and combined, include 52 full colour pages and measure the same size as the tarot cards. Everything fits perfectly in the tuck box!

The Animism Tarot has taken me on one of the most fantastical journeys over the years leading to its completion. It has been a tremendous learning experience and each card has had something to offer that I will greatly cherish. Painting these images has been a joy and every word of support has been invaluable. If it wasn't for the amazing support and feedback of this deck over the years, it might not have been here today; so a huge thank you to those that have helped me along this journey!

It brings me great joy to finally be able to share this journey with you. Let the animals be your guide!