Let Go, Rabbit - Art Print

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Ever feel like you're miles away? This art print features a white rabbit holding onto a corner of the earth, pulling it up.. before letting go and floating into the stars. Innocent at first glance, this illustration describes feelings of dissociation. Depersonalization disorder can feel like an out of body experience. Sometimes you can only hold on for so long before you must let go. But of course, please enjoy this artwork as a surreal piece of adorable bunny art! 

  • Available in three sizes:
    • 8 x 10 inches // 20.32 cm x 25.4 cm
    • 12 x 12 inches // 30.48 cm x 30.48 cm
    • 12 x 18 inches // 30.48 cm x 45.72 cm
  • Different sizes have different dimensions. The art may be a little cropped from what's on screen. No worries; the most important part is always safe!
  • Prints are borderless, with a smooth matte finish
  • Watermarks will not be on the physical print
  • Prints do not include frames

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