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Finally, finally, finally. After several days of stress, forced patience, and a few emails, I finally figured out what was going wrong, and, finally, I can finally add brand new apparel!   It has been an incredibly long time coming. I ordered my first shirt sample - I kid you not - a full two years ago. I was actually pleasantly impressed with it too! Great print quality, great colour, great fabric. But at that point, I just wasn't 100% sure if I really wanted to get into clothing. I wasn't sure if it was right for me. So I...

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Hello? May I have your attention, please?   Hello! Now this may sound a little weird, but first, I really just need to take a nice, long, deep breath.   If you want to join me, feel free!   Just a nice long breath. In...... and out..... aahh....   .. because it took me a very very very long time to get to this point, and I've gone through a lot of obstacles to make it here.   I also spent a good long while writing the original blog post out.. before a few wrong moves happened, technology made a...

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