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Relief! Apparel is here! Cheese!

Finally, finally, finally. After several days of stress, forced patience, and a few emails, I finally figured out what was going wrong, and, finally, I can finally add brand new apparel!
It has been an incredibly long time coming. I ordered my first shirt sample - I kid you not - a full two years ago. I was actually pleasantly impressed with it too! Great print quality, great colour, great fabric. But at that point, I just wasn't 100% sure if I really wanted to get into clothing. I wasn't sure if it was right for me. So I tucked it away, and then life took over, and it seemed like shirts were stuck in the "to-do" pile forever. But here we are, much later. I'm mentally in a different place now, (and beginning on a new platform!), and everything feels like it's in the right place.
The shirts and tanks that are available now, I made sure to order them myself first, because I really wanted to make sure that I loved what I was going to put my artwork on. And I was very pleasantly surprised! They're comfy and soft, and I rave about it a lot, but I really do love the quality. I want to be clear again, that because these are all unisex sizes, they typically run larger. I am short and petite and I feel like the "Small" sizes fit me like a "Medium", and "Extra Small" fits me more like a "Small", but they really do fit so well. Thankfully the measurements are quite accurate, and I quite love the fit of everything. But in the end, I wanted to make sure that these shirts would be the right fit for my art, and fit right. before putting them out into the world, and I am just so pleased. I hope you are too.
Cheese Lovers T-Shirt
I've been working on adding new apparel over the last few days, but the first tee I want to mention is the Cheese Lover's t-shirt. Cheese is a newer illustration that was literally born to be worn. My heart belongs to a few select things: animals, mental health, and food. Oh the joys of food. I am an avid cook, and I freaking love food. (I mean, who doesn't?) And what I know about myself, is that I paint what I love. So who knew that painting cheeses would be such a joy, and actually something quite new for me. I hope you like the Cheese tee. I'm aiming to paint much more and I hope you love these t-shirts and tanks as much as I do. I am always open to feedback and ideas. Feel free to reach out at any time, and thank you for reading and for your support!

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