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After being so lucky to have painted so many beautiful animals, I wanted to paint something a little bit different. I wanted to paint other parts of my life, things that interested me, things that I enjoy, things that, ohmygoodness, if I could get the chance, I would love to wear as a shirt.  And the beer tank was born.  I knew that I couldn't just paint every type of beer out there, and decided that with these styles of paintings, the items would be limited to 10. So 10 beers were going to make it to the finish line. Whew, was it a challenge....

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Finally, finally, finally. After several days of stress, forced patience, and a few emails, I finally figured out what was going wrong, and, finally, I can finally add brand new apparel!   It has been an incredibly long time coming. I ordered my first shirt sample - I kid you not - a full two years ago. I was actually pleasantly impressed with it too! Great print quality, great colour, great fabric. But at that point, I just wasn't 100% sure if I really wanted to get into clothing. I wasn't sure if it was right for me. So I...

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Hello? May I have your attention, please?   Hello! Now this may sound a little weird, but first, I really just need to take a nice, long, deep breath.   If you want to join me, feel free!   Just a nice long breath. In...... and out..... aahh....   .. because it took me a very very very long time to get to this point, and I've gone through a lot of obstacles to make it here.   I also spent a good long while writing the original blog post out.. before a few wrong moves happened, technology made a...

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